Hours Required: 12 hours (per 1 year renewal cycle)
Online Hours Accepted: All 12
Renewal Period: Annual (April 1st – March 31st)

“3 hours in approved communicable-disease and sanitary procedures; 1 hour in diversity education; 3 hours in risk management; and 1 hour in jurisprudence. *Board approved topics are as follows:
Chiropractic principles, philosophy, and adjusting techniques
Chiropractic ethics and jurisprudence
X-ray assurance and modalities
Diagnostic imaging (includes x-rays, diagnostic ultrasound, video fluoroscopy and motion x-rays & electronic and mechanical testing devices)
Clinical, physical, physical, orthopedic, and neurological diagnoses including their examinations
Rehabilitative procedures (includes all PT devices, laser, dry needling & therapeutic ultrasound)
Nutritional diagnosis (includes diet, vitamins, nutritional non-legend supplements, nutrition and weight counseling)
Physical therapy (includes all modalities, theory, devices, exercise regimens, etc)
Risk management (excludes financial practice building)
Cultural competency and diversity awareness (re: race, gender, ethnicity, age, handicap, etc.)
Any other subject with clinical application approved by the Board”

Medicare in Chiropractic (8 Hours CE)

According to Medicare, chiropractors have the highest documentation error rate (84%) compared to all other medical providers (12%). The reason for this staggering statistic is two-fold. First, Medicare has numerous