Hours Required: 48 hours (per 2 year renewal cycle)
Online Hours Accepted: ALL 48 HOURS CAN BE ONLINE – per renewal cycle – must be board approved for formal continuing education
Renewal Period: License expires February of odd-numbered years

24 hours of formal, board-approved CE in at least 3 of the 16 recognized categories (see MO website); self-study, meetings, publishing, presentations, etc. allowed for up to 24 hours of credit — From FCLB (board website isnt loading) At least 24 hours of the required 48 hours of continuing education shall be earned by attending formal continuing education programs, seminars and/or workshops that have been approved by the board. (A) A licensee shall obtain the required formal continuing education hours from no less than three of the following categories: (1) diagnostic imaging (x-rays); (2) differential or physical diagnosis or both; (3) ethical practices — acceptable courses include topics such as professionalism, doctor-patient relationship, legal issues and responsibilities, confidentiality, and advertising; (4) emergency procedures — CPR and/or first aid offered by the American Red Cross or other board-approved sponsoring organization shall be acceptable; (5) Human Immunodeficiency (HIV), infectious diseases and/or universal precautions; (6) cerebrovascular accident (CVA) and/or transient ischemtic attack (TIA); (7) disk injury; (8) aggravated spinal conditions and/or injury; (9) record-keeping and/or Subjective Objective Assessment Plan (SOAP) notes; (10) soft tissue injury; (11) nutrition; (12) chiropractic principles and/or technique(s); (13) health promotion and wellness; (14) case studies in chiropractic that consist of presentations relating to articles published in scholarly journals, treatises, or textbooks used by board-approved Council of Chiropractic Education (CCE) colleges and/or universities and evidence-based and/or value-based studies; (15) insurance consulting; or (16) Meridian therapy/acupressure/acupuncture. Licensees who hold specialty certifications must have 12 hours in their specialty field. MTAA certified chiropractors must have 12 hours in acupuncture; Insurance consultants must have 12 hours in Insurance claims review.