New York

Hours Required: 36 hours (per 3 year renewal cycle)
Online Hours Accepted: 12 hours per renewal cycle
Renewal Period: Triennial

one time 2-hour course in child abuse reporting required; From Board site– At least one-third of the tri-annual continuing education hour requirement must be in one or more of the following subjects: patient communications, recordkeeping, and/or matters of law and/or ethics which contribute to professional practice in chiropractic and the health and safety, and/or welfare of the public that pertains to New York State law, The balance may be in chiropractic technique, diagnosis, clinical interventions/evidence-based models, neurological testing, philosophy and principles of chiropractic, basic and clinical sciences and other sciences related to chiropractic practice or other topics which contribute to professional and clinical skills in accordance with the practice of chiropractic as defined in section 6551 of the Education Law. Also please note that subjects that are specifically designed solely to maximize the profits of a chiropractic practice will not be acceptable as formal continuing education.; In addition, a self-study program must have a testing instrument, which is completed by the licensee and returned to the sponsor for scoring. A passing grade is required before a sponsor may award continuing education credit. This requirement should not be construed as requiring continuing education testing or continuing education certification; two-thirds (24 hours) must be formal courses A formal course is a course in which a student must have the opportunity for immediate interaction with an instructor, e.g. a seminar, workshop, lecture, etc.

There are no courses available for this state.