Hours Required: 24 hours (per 2 year renewal cycle)
Online Hours Accepted: ALL 24 HOURS CAN BE ONLINE
Renewal Period: Biennial – Sept 1 of even-numbered years

“From Board Laws — A licensee may receive credit for only those hours of continuing chiropractic education in a program approved by the board and for only those hours directed toward keeping the licensee apprised of advancements and new develop- ments in chiropractic which build upon the basic courses required to practice chiropractic and which are in the following areas:
(1) Anatomy. (2) Physiology. (3) Histology. (4) Chemistry. (5) Pathology. (6) Physics. (7) Bacteriology. (8) Diagnosis. (9) Hygiene and sanitation. (10) Symptomatology. (11) Chiropractic analysis. (12) X-ray. (13) Chiropractic principles. (14) Chiropractic technique. (15) Adjunctive procedures.”

There are no courses available for this state.