Hours Required: 25 hours (per 1 year renewal cycle)
Online Hours Accepted: 12 hours per renewal cycle
Renewal Period: Annual (on birthday)

Diagnosis and treatment of the spine or immediate articulations within the scope of practice; X-ray/diagnostic imaging; Adjustive technique; Detection of a subluxation; Physical examination; Hygiene; Symptomatology; Neurology; Pathology; Orthopedics; Patient/case management; Impairment within the scope of practice; CPR; Dietary and nutrition advice; and Chiropractic philosophy and business management (not to exceed a total of 8 hours)
1-time requirement: 3 hrs suicide prevention screening.

Chiropractic x-ray technicians must complete six hours of continuing education per year.”

Medicare in Chiropractic (8 Hours CE)

According to Medicare, chiropractors have the highest documentation error rate (84%) compared to all other medical providers (12%). The reason for this staggering statistic is two-fold. First, Medicare has numerous