Medicare in Chiropractic (8 Hours CE)


According to Medicare, chiropractors have the highest documentation error rate (84%) compared to all other medical providers (12%). The reason for this staggering statistic is two-fold. First, Medicare has numerous documentation requirements, and second, chiropractors do not know those requirements or simply fail to adhere to them.

This is at a time when several members of Congress have proposed legislation seeking to expand the current Medicare laws so that Doctors of Chiropractic are paid for all services performed under their license.

The Medicare in Chiropractic online course is designed to educate chiropractors as to the various aspects of Medicare so they understand their roles in the Medicare system and what documentation is required of them.

This course will educate Doctors of Chiropractic about various topics including:

  • Why you must be a Medicare provider to treat Medicare patients
  • The difference between a PAR and NON-PAR provider
  • Why the ABN form is not required on the first visit
  • How to document the PART exam
  • How to properly diagnose Medicare patients
  • How to document subsequent visits
  • Which outcome measures are accepted by Medicare
  • How to appeal Medicare denials

The course is taught by John Schmidt, DC.  Dr. Schmidt is an expert on Medicare in Chiropractic .   Any question can be sent to