Upper Cervical Chiropractic – A Lost Art

Upper cervical chiropractic care has become a lost art.

While there are a number of practicing upper cervical chiropractors, the technique itself is being underutilized. It’s difficult to pinpoint one reason why the technique is not used by more practitioners.

If you do not currently utilize an upper cervical technique, consider referring to a chiropractor who specializes in upper cervical treatment.

To Learn more about an upper cervical technique go to nucca.org.

Benefits include relief from:

– Headaches
– Whiplash injuries
– TMJ problems
– Neck pain
– Trigeminal neuralgia
– Meniere’s disease

One of the most impressive testimonials of Upper Cervical treatment was from former Chicago Bears quarterback, Jim McMahon. Here is short clip of the video Jim McMahon – Upper Cervical Treatment.

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